About JM

Professional Handwriting Analyst and leading expert in Biometric Signature Verification for 26 years; commissioned by Law Firms and Private Clients to work in Family Law, Criminal Law, and Intellectual Property Law; Compilation of case history and evidence in fraud and matrimonial cases. Proficient with the principles of Law, James publication “Evidential Burden of Dynamic Signature Verification” has been worldwide by Legal experts and Biometric Developers: “we need to see an applied mind at work based upon an objective opinion and evidence”. Specialised in Biometric Signature Verification (BSV) James aims to develop and apply Graphometry to analytical method used in forensic. James challenges classic graphology by introducing mathematical measurement and extending analysis to the whole range “Graphic Expression”. BSV systems will fulfil the “Burden of Proof” and provide evidence “beyond all reasonable doubt”.

Experience and Achievements of JM

  • 2018 Successful court actions on behalf of Clients
  • 2018 Teaching Students and Helping with the Degree Courses
  • 2018 Lectures and Tutorials on Graphometry
  • 2018 Papers on Parkinson’s Disease
  • 2018 Papers Relevant to Graphometry
  • 2018 PhD thesis ‘How to measure graphic expression’
  • MBOS Research Platform Finished
  • 2016 Research into Parkinson’s
  • 2015 -17 Research into Epilepsy at Meath Charity
  • 2015 Published paper on ‘Origins of Graphic Expression’
  • 2014 – 2018 Return to Research
  • 2006-2014 Bringing Up my children as a Single Parent
  • 1987 – 2006 Private clients, Banking, Commercial Organizations
  • 1999 – 1999 Awarded Gold Medal and Diploma for Best Invention 1988 – The first ever UK Graphologist commissioned by the Legal Aid Board in a Murder Case. www.JMGraph.uk/References
  • 1995 – MBOS (Multirole Behavioural Operating System / Patent Published
  • 1992 – Party to a UK Government Report on Biometrics and Fraud
  • 1992 – Publication of “Evidential Burden of Dynamics Signature Verification
  • 1990 – 1991 Founder Member of Association of Biometrics
  • 1987 -Professional Graphologist